Pure Pwnage Gamer Army
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The Gamer Army Archives is the central repository where members can upload files related to GA missions for other members to review and analyze. All uploaded files should be linked to from an appropriate Special Operations forum thread. All members have access to upload and download files, however you are restricted to uploading files related to the GA missions only, i.e.:

  • Recovered Intelligence in the form of pictures, sounds, videos, etc.
  • Video and Photographic recordings of field activity, especially the recovery of Cryptotags
  • Transcripts of conversations outside of the forum i.e. IRC, Teamspeak, Instant Messaging, etc.

All upload activity is logged and your file will be prefixed with your member ID. Do NOT experiment with uploading "test" files. Members who abuse upload privileges will have their status revoked. If a file needs to be removed, please send an email to GA Ops.

Uploads are temporarily disabled

filename date size type
GA-Pupkin-Analysis-12_31_2... (download)2008-12-31 18:591.76 MiB zip
GA-SpecialOps-08_17_2007.avi (download)2007-11-21 18:48239.55 MiB avi
GA-SpecialOps-audio_interc... (download)2007-11-21 18:481.68 MiB mp3
ID-armith.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:48213.52 KiB jpg
ID-brenner.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:48193.57 KiB jpg
ID-data xferonly-FO29.wav (download)2007-02-22 04:556.28 MiB wav
ID-deliburg.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:48118.8 KiB jpg
ID-from jukebox and cd.wav (download)2007-11-21 18:47140.18 KiB wav
ID-IRC.txt (download)2007-02-23 07:58127.93 KiB txt
ID-kragnarock.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:4894.98 KiB jpg
ID-Orville_Recovery_NYC_Pr... (download)2007-11-21 18:488.95 MiB wmv
ID-postcardmap.jpg (download)2007-03-15 04:0559.46 KiB jpg
ID-postcardmap2.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47646.69 KiB jpg
ID-RX-FO29-Compass.jpg (download)2007-02-22 07:25147.96 KiB jpg
ID-RX-FO29.png (download)2007-02-22 05:281.15 MiB png
ID-transfer-hntrec1188.jpg (download)2007-02-22 00:18170 KiB jpg
ID100-Bonnevuesky.png (download)2007-02-18 11:2521.28 KiB png
ID100-Tag1found.jpg (download)2007-02-18 11:1249.6 KiB jpg
ID100-tag1letter.jpg (download)2007-02-18 11:1743.04 KiB jpg
ID100-Tag1SkriePS.jpg (download)2007-02-18 11:16471.34 KiB jpg
ID100-Tag2Found.JPG (download)2007-02-18 11:2463.39 KiB jpg
ID100-Tag2Pixel.png (download)2007-02-18 11:30285.6 KiB png
ID100-Tag2Recon.JPG (download)2007-02-18 11:1985.25 KiB jpg
ID100-Tag4Jukebox.wav (download)2007-03-11 12:021.69 MiB wav
ID100-TX-FO29.wav (download)2007-02-16 19:306.95 MiB wav
ID101-chambersstreet.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:471.39 MiB jpg
ID101-inverted_metal.jpg (download)2007-02-21 05:3732.5 KiB jpg
ID101-jangoandbrenner.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:471.44 MiB jpg
ID101-jangoandsign.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:471.39 MiB jpg
ID101-jangoonphone.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:471.48 MiB jpg
ID101-streetsign.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:471.22 MiB jpg
ID101-Wii Message.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:48193.57 KiB jpg
ID102-Agentxwiimail.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:48218.09 KiB jpg
ID102-collectivetranslatio... (download)2007-11-21 18:483.57 MiB wmv
ID102-completedpuzzle.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:4834.11 KiB jpg
ID1141-mask remote code fu... (download)2007-11-21 18:489.06 MiB avi
ID1165-discharged.png (download)2007-11-21 18:489.66 KiB png
ID1277-knigtwhisperTrack 1... (download)2007-03-15 01:001.35 MiB wav
ID140-bonnevue.tif (download)2007-02-17 20:172.26 MiB tif
ID1403-Sweden.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:4767.67 KiB jpg
ID1403-Texas.jpg (download)2007-03-27 05:45214.98 KiB jpg
ID148-close up of message.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47217.67 KiB jpg
ID148-PPOPs meeting 290907... (download)2007-11-21 18:4833.28 KiB txt
ID1496-Wii Message 2.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:480 B jpg
ID1514-OrVill TAG.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:472.56 MiB jpg
ID157-ID-from jukebox and ... (download)2007-11-21 18:471.04 MiB wav
ID1916-crossword.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:48349.12 KiB jpg
ID1916-ID1916-wii messages... (download)2007-11-21 18:48168.94 KiB jpg
ID1916-wii messages 1916.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:48167 KiB jpg
ID1924-AgentXWiiMsg.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:48213.52 KiB jpg
ID1924-AgentXWiiMsg2.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:48198.48 KiB jpg
ID1924-AgentXWiiMsg3.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:48165.76 KiB jpg
ID215-Chambersstreet.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:4754.11 KiB jpg
ID224-Dogtag3AjaxUprightCi... (download)2007-03-05 17:1180.86 KiB jpg
ID224-Dogtag3Billboard.jpg (download)2007-03-05 17:1269.35 KiB jpg
ID224-Dogtag3Billboardclos... (download)2007-03-05 17:1372.19 KiB jpg
ID224-Dogtag3InsideBuildin... (download)2007-03-05 17:1368.43 KiB jpg
ID224-Dogtag3Sign.jpg (download)2007-03-05 17:0981.25 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 001.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47670.09 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 003.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:4785.29 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 004.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47135.18 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 005.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47124.86 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 007.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47125.75 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 009.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:4796.88 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 010.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47117.8 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 011.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47117.88 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 012.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47115.24 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 013.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47108.62 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 014.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47105.99 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 015.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47112.81 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 016.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47127.84 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 017.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47120.53 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 018.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47131.97 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 019.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:4796.55 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 020.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47114.21 KiB jpg
ID224-mfreemanrecon 025.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47129.47 KiB jpg
ID224-updatedpostcard.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:4728.42 KiB jpg
ID225-nysubwaymapDEVL_Inte... (download)2007-11-21 18:47126.63 KiB gif
ID2604-24152135.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:48191.6 KiB jpg
ID2604-24152200.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:48198.31 KiB jpg
ID2604-24152208.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:48192.64 KiB jpg
ID2604-wiimsg.PNG (download)2007-11-21 18:48321.97 KiB png
ID326-DSC00175.JPG (download)2007-11-21 18:472.17 MiB jpg
ID326-kngithwhisper 10 sec... (download)2007-11-21 18:471.68 MiB wav
ID326-knigtwhisperTrack 1.wav (download)2007-11-21 18:471.35 MiB wav
ID42-SO-meeting-log-01Sep0... (download)2007-11-21 18:484.25 KiB txt
ID455-TX-DPicEnhanced.jpg (download)2007-02-21 08:3927.11 KiB jpg
ID460-30-1-07_GA.wav (download)2007-02-18 07:307.17 MiB wav
ID460-cdandpatch3.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:471.25 MiB jpg
ID460-package3.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:471.47 MiB jpg
ID564-m freeman post card-... (download)2007-11-21 18:4797.82 KiB jpg
ID564-m freeman post card-... (download)2007-11-21 18:4788.52 KiB jpg
ID652-tag 4 chambers.jpg (download)2007-11-21 18:47273.25 KiB jpg
ID652-tag4.jpg (download)2007-03-25 14:14109.49 KiB jpg
ID696-Google Earth Tag3.kml (download)2007-02-23 21:551.3 KiB kml
ID696-IRC Recon Meeting 20... (download)2007-03-01 03:2695.3 KiB txt
ID696-krag intel 1 2007-11... (download)2007-11-21 18:4888.86 KiB jpg
ID696-krag intel 2 2007-11... (download)2007-11-21 18:4880.53 KiB jpg
ID696-noise canceled.wav (download)2007-03-17 02:191.68 MiB wav
ID696-noiseless and cleane... (download)2007-11-21 18:4792.18 KiB mp3
ID696-PPGA Tags 1 to 3.kml (download)2007-02-28 09:013.27 KiB kml
ID696-PPGA Tags 1 to 4.kml (download)2007-11-21 18:474.75 KiB kml
ID696-Tag3 HOM hint.png (download)2007-02-28 09:00101.91 KiB png
ID696-Tag3 Roads.png (download)2007-02-28 09:01913.39 KiB png
ID696-Tag3 View.png (download)2007-02-28 09:01336.55 KiB png
ID877-ss1flipped.jpg (download)2007-02-21 02:59130.98 KiB jpg
ID9-bonnevuewall.PNG (download)2007-02-19 03:3548.33 KiB png
ID9-IRC-Log_Feb-06-2007_PP... (download)2007-02-19 03:3319.09 KiB txt
ID945-NY_stations.gif (download)2007-11-21 18:4744.63 KiB gif
ID948-Hobo 1.wav (download)2007-11-21 18:487.95 MiB wav
ID948-Hobo 2.wav (download)2007-11-21 18:488.06 MiB wav
izgizzis.avi (download)2007-07-05 17:5125.01 MiB avi
mfreemanrecon 030.mov (download)2007-06-28 17:5631.4 MiB mov
MGPsop.avi (download)2007-06-28 17:5640.8 MiB avi
Timecode-Interception.wav (download)2008-12-10 17:1715.7 MiB wav
WoW intel part 1.jpg (download)2008-01-19 23:30100.91 KiB jpg
WoW intel part 2.jpg (download)2008-01-19 23:3065.22 KiB jpg