Pure Pwnage Gamer Army
- Classified Memo -

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Date:    August 3rd, 2007

From:    Colonel Pappy
Subject: GA Boot Camp Training Mission #6


Alright ya token-eatin' Meeples, got a new mission for ya!

Mission Overview:

There are many places ya can learn about ghost recon. I'm sure yall have played a few games to help ya with that kind of skill. What yall are gonna do is apply those gamin' skills yall already have to gather intelligence on a target without gettin' caught. Yall will have to use all yur senses, be able to solve unpredictably complex problems, remember everythin' and dismiss it at the same time, think fast, and know how to stay out of sight.

Mission Briefing:

I'm gonna give ya a real treat; one of my very own recon missions for ya to train with that took place several months before the start of the 8-bit wars. I hat to find out where a gang of gamers was goin' and I had weakened senses and no preparation. I hope yall will get some appreciation of what we had to do back then and see a few ways yall can use yur skills for situations yall will have to face on the field very soon.

Most of the information regardin' this mission in particular is still classified, so some locations like street names and the like had to be changed for ya. But everythin' else ya'll will see were decisions I had to make and in the same amount of time I had to make them.


1. Complete the trainin' mission in the time alloted and follow all possible false positives. It will be very fast.
2. Follow the GA Training Rules
3. Now, it is possible to cheat on this mission, but that is only to give ya the opportunity to go back and spend more time on a problem if necessary. But if I catch yall cheatin', its a one-way ticket to the stockade!
4. If ya have to post a comment or question regardin' a solution, please post in spoiler tags.
5. After ya have completed the objectives, feel free to discuss the mission in this thread.


Log in, read the intro, and play the mission here: http://pappyautoparts.info/train6/TM6.html

The logon is the same back-door password used to play Falken's Maze and is all in caps.

- - - - -

Good luck, Operatives!

Once ya have finished the mission, ya may be dismissed. Pappy out!