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Date:    September 13th, 2009

From:    Neeros
Subject: Preparation For Elite Specialists Brigade

As we all know this idea has been dead in the water for a little while now due to several reasons, however I have a gut feeling its going to pick back up soon(even sooner if we show some interest.) I would like to propose that all those that are still interested in this to post here in this thread and maybe we can get something going for CS:S/1.6/Cod4 anything really for practice scrims to get our skills up to be competition ready, and what not. It would be good morale booster to the PPGA to get something going pertaining this. This community is only as 'dead' as we let it.

Obviously location could be a problem because no one likes to play in <70~ latency, I am in the west coast USA, but I have decent ping in central too. If we could get something going it would be great, even if we only get together and scrim one day a week to start it would be better than none.

If anyone is interested in this post here with your location and what game you wanna play, I am open to any game I own. I've never led a team before and honestly I don't have the competitive experience to do so, however it doesn't take much to get scrims going.

So yeah! Long live the PPGA! Lets do something guys!

Edit 1:

Excellent, it looks like we have interest in this after all.


Special Ops Kerrigan





US West/east/central: if we play in central as I said before our ping would be good enough to do practice scrims probably.

Neeros - west
-CoMMie- west
Skullmaker90 - west
Mr. Clean - central
IrishSpuds - east