Pure Pwnage Gamer Army
- Headquarters -

Date: May 22, 2022

Welcome back

The GA HQ provides you with all of the resources necessary to ensure a successfull tour with the GA. On your desk you will find folders with everything you need to stay up to date.

Much of this information is redacted directly from the Gamer Army Forum, and if you wish to be actively involved the GA you should become familiar with using it directly.

To access the Gamer Army section of the forum you must first create a Pure Pwnage forum account and then click here to update your GA account.

Your @gamerarmy.com email account has NOT been created yet as it can take up to 5 days to be created. Please check back again in a few days. Your email password will be the same one which was sent in your email welcome letter.

The following resources are at your disposal:

  • Home Folder

    Your default folder after logging in. These files will not be updated very often, however keep an eye on your "to-do" list.

    Your profile file allows you to change the colour of the dogtags on your desktop to match your RL tags. You can also update your password and publish your email address to the downloadable address book.

  • News From The Front

    These files consist of classified late breaking news announcements from the various officers of the GA. You should check here for updates on a regular basis, however all news of an urgent nature will be sent to your email address on file with us.

    This info is also available in the Briefing Room forum.

  • Videos

    All of the official Gamer Army videos and the best of member produced content will be posted here so you don't have to dig through the archives.

  • Basic Training

    New GA recruits are advised to go through all of the official Basic Training missions prepared by Colonel Pappy. You are also encouraged to submit your own basic training excersises for others to participate in.

    This info is also available in the Basic Training forum.

  • Special Ops

    Once you solve the code on your recruitment letter you will be able to participate in Special Ops missions which involve a number of exciting real world activities. The classified files in these folders contain the status of these missions and which are also available in the Special Operations Briefing Room forum.

    A Special Ops Archive section is available for you to upload related mission intel for others to download and review.

  • Supplies

    Official Gamer Army gear and other related supplies.

  • Public Affairs

    These files are de-classified and are available to everyone including civilians. They contain recruitment information including the sign-up form for new recruits. As an existing GA member, you probably won't find too much of interest there.

  • Be a Recruiter!

    If you want to help recruit new members and earn Gamer Army points, a variety of resources are at your disposal here.

  • Commlinks Radio

    The radio on your desktop provides you with links to resources for staying in touch with your fellow GA soldiers.

  • Propoganda Film Reel

    The filmstrip above your folders provides various gaming related intel from the Pure Pwnage Gamer Army allies.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email ops@gamerarmy.com.