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Date:    January 24th, 2009

From:    General Douglas
Subject: Introducing GA Companies, Divisions, Corps & Commanding Officers


Soldiers. It is my honor to announce the new Gamer Army structure. In this post, I will introduce you to GA Companies, get you started on signing up for a Company, and introduce you to our first Commanding Officers.

Find your Company
The Gamer Army structure is based on a system of geographic divisions; the smallest of which is a Company. Check out this thread to find maps and regional breakdowns of all the Companies. Decide on which Company you should join, keeping in mind that you should probably join where you can meet up with other soldiers from your Company in RL, but you are free to join any Company in the GA.

Join your Company
Login to your gamerarmy.com account and click on your profile. You will see a "Company" selection box. Choose your Company and save your changes. You should see your Company patch on your gamerarmy.com desktop, and an indication of which Company you belong to under your name in the forum. This field is searchable, so you can locate other soldiers in your Company through the forum's member search function.

Sound off!
Once you have joined a Company, find your Company subforum under the Companies / Divisions / Corps Subforums and SOUND OFF IN ALL CAPS.

Contact your CO
Companies are run by Lieutenants. Check out this thread to find the Lt in charge of your Company. It is very possible that your Company does not yet have a Lt. - especially as we roll out the new structure. No need to get your GA standard issue panties in a knot. HQ will be looking to fill these spots ASAP. You can help us by nominating soldiers from your Company, or even yourself, for a Lt commission. Check here to see more info on the nomination procedure.

Familiarize yourself with the GA Structure
Check out the FAQ that HQ has set up regarding Companies, Divisions and Corps. If you have a question that isn't answered by the FAQ, post it here.

Welcome your HQ Generals
Finally, to assist HQ in developing the GA, I have made my first Commissioned Officer appointments. To see who's being moved into HQ and to give them their hard-earned grats, head on over to the GA Commissions thread.

There will be a temptation, as the list of ranks has doubled, to go back to posting about power drama. Recall, fine soldiers, that CO's are not the privileged few. They are there to serve... to put in their time and effort to make sure the GA is strong, proud and fun! It brings to mind a quote from Kipling. "The heathen in his noobness must end where he began. But the backbone of the Army is the non-commissioned man!"


You are soldiers of the world's 101st largest standing army. Let's go PWN SOME NOOBS!