Pure Pwnage Gamer Army
- Classified Memo -

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Date:    April 5th, 2009

From:    Dr.Toker
Subject: *official* Elite Specialist’s Brigade

HQ has sent down the word that the Gamer Army Elite Specialist’s Brigade is hereby instated as the Pure Pwnage Gamer Army's official competitive service branch and is recognized as the Elite of the Gamer Army.


The goals of the ESB are:

To compete honorably for the Gamer Army in RL as well as online tournaments.

To work, through absolute efforts, for the betterment of the Gamer Army and the Pure Pwnage community as a whole.

To obtain sponsorships to fund our efforts and drive.

To tirelessly work to make the Elite Specialist's Brigade a team of gamers who are highly respected and victorious in all competitions.

Effective immediately, we will be holding community wide tournaments (including prizes) to recruit the best of the best to represent the Pure Pwnage Gamer Army in RL competition, and of course to have a good time XD. The ESB will be the elite of the Gamer Army because they are committed to the betterment of the cause. They will not ask for respect, but instead strive for and achieve it. It will be proven through Competition, Training, Camaraderie, Honor, and Skill that the ESB is not for noobs, and nor is it for pros; the ESB is reserved for the best of the best.

Prove yourself worthy; nothing will be given to you, but you have everything to receive. Your rank does not make you a better candidate, only skill determines your acceptance. Apply now by sending a PM to the ESB Commanders, Captain Mansavage, or Captain Jefftheworld.