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- Classified Memo -

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Date:    December 22nd, 2006

From:    Gamer Army Ops
Subject: Welcome to the A9 Special Operations Division

Good work solidiers,

You have proven your abilities and have been granted A9 security clearance allowing you to participate in Special Ops assignments.

One of our top operatives has just gone MIA, and we're going to need your help to locate him. We've just a received a video transmission from him however it is severely degraded and we had to send it up to the lab for enhancement. As soon as they're done with it we'll get it out to you. This is going to require some teamwork with your allies, so make sure you spend some time getting to know them in the mess hall. It might be a good idea to start compiling a list of member's geographic locations.

Remember to read all the pinned topics in this section prior to posting.
Topics discussing intel, field ops, and legitimate theories, will be discussed in this section.

We have no further information to go on for now, but we will release it as it becomes available.

- Gamer Army Special Ops