Pure Pwnage Gamer Army
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Date:    March 17th, 2008

From:    Lancer
Subject: Mission: The Mask Is Mia: Summary

QUOTE (Vengeance @ Feb 1 2007, 03:04 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

This is an update on the events since Ops decoded the first video message from the Mask. A lot has happened in a short time, and I'm sure a lot of people have missed what's been happening, so I shall give a summary of theories/codes that have been created/solved, respectively.

January 29, 2007

Three major leads were taken from The Mask's first dossier video. The first and most obvious of the clues was a set of GPS latitude and longitude co-ordinates seen on The Mask's GPS. These were entered into Google Earth which pinpointed a location in Toronto, ON. This was determined to be the location where The Mask was seen hiding a dogtag, or as they are now know, cryptotag. This 'tag was intended to help Special Ops continue the search for The Mask's attackers, and his location. Several agents based in Toronto planned to head out the next day, however, Agent Melonqueen, on holiday at the time, got there first, and went to search at the given co-ordinates. Nothing was found, but after a second effort, showing true tenacity, Agent Melonqueen discovered the hidden tag. She, of course, reported these findings to Spec Ops, including, most importantly, the text on the tag

1UP - 1

Agent Skrie, with unfortunate timing, was just too late to discover the text through an entirely different method. He had zoomed in on the video of The Mask hiding the tag, then through various Photoshop techniques, sharpened the image to a level where most of the text was visible, and the missing letters could be guessed. This text, now discovered twice, was then studied vigorously by various agents, resulting in the "1UP" restaurant in Toronto, among other theories. However, no further conclusions were drawn.

The second lead from the video was a sequence of beeps in the background at one point, along with an IP ( hidden in the video. The IP, when entered, took operatives to a scene reminiscent of "Leisure Suit Larry", although with Dave helpfully serving. When clicked on Dave offered the hint "Try learning morse code". Several agents tried to slow down and translate the beeps, now known to be morse. Different versions were offered, but all were on the theme of "The mask sent me". A door, when clicked on, at the IP given, asked for a password. Entering "themasksentme" allowed Spec Ops Agents to pass. Here they saw a figure, potentially FPS Doug, in a small room, along with the message "He has established new cover and will provide covert intel as the opportunity arises." This, in turn, lead to the travel blog of 'mfreeman'. Of course, as already proved, The Mask *is* Morgan Freeman, so this blog was where the "covert intel" would be disclosed. The owner of the blog had apparently slipped and fallen, was out for several days, and might have to undergo "laser micro surgery". This blog was, and is still, attentively watched, for new information. This was the end of the second path.

The third path followed involved the sequences OZ9AEC and FO-29 shown in the background. Googling showed these were both radio satellites, relating to amateur radio broadcasting. This was all that was retrieved, however.

January 30, 2007

On the day following the discovery of the cryptotag, Agent Melonqueen arrived back at her hotel, at which point the staff handed her an anonymous letter. She opened it to find a message from Agent Bean, and one from another, anonymous agent, along with a GA patch, and a picture.

"Melonqueen, you may find this useful... Agent Bean"
"Rendez-vous. 21:00. Agent ____" - The agent name was blocked out. Though efforts had been made, no name could be recovered from underneath.
The patch may be a future product available, but was not useful to the case.
The picture, which Agent Bean referred to in the letter, was of a rabbit dancing in a saucepan, holding a bottle of wine.

Many Google searches from concentrated agents brought up the name of a restaurant, in Montmartre, Paris: "Au Lapin Agile". Agent Vick, booked a flight to fly to Paris to look for clues. Unfortunately, he was too quick to react, as an update on the travel blog informed us - we were not to mobilize until 5th of February. Agent Vick still flew, and visited the location, but as expected by that point, he found nothing.

January 30/31, 2007

The radio satellites shown in the background of the first video dossier now had been studied more carefully. "OZ9AEC" was contacted. He replied to various agents with a claim to have seen a distorted transmission from a masked man, from the satellite FO-29. However, Gamer Army Ops called a halt to further investigation in this topic, and we have been instructed to leave this civilian alone for the moment. OZ9AEC is to contact us if he receives the message again.

February 6, 2007

An update to "Lefty's", the bar in which the travelblog was found, triggered the finding of the next clues. In the room which initially linked to the travelblog, a TV was now found, stating "There is nothing good on T.V. Trust your technolust instead". "Trust your technolust" is the slogan for the famous online show, Hak.5 and a new episode had recently been released. Special Ops quickly got around to downloading it. At the 35 minute mark in the video, depending on the version you downloaded, The Mask was seen delivering a transmission. This, when played backwards, produced "The hallway at Lefty's".

Of course, the hallway at Lefty's was inaccessible, but entering thehallway.html at the end of the Lefty's URL brought up the next screen. This screen showed a table with a CD on it, and a bum sitting on the floor. The bum asks "What'sha guy like me need widda Wiimote control!?" with space to type a response. The CD, when clicked on, produced a .ISO file, a type of compression. The .iso contained a file named "bonnevue.zip." To extract "bonnevue.tif", a password was needed. After a lot of guesswork, it was discovered that "lapinagile" allowed the file to be accessed. Bonnevue.tif was a picture of a street, looking European. The bum's question referred to a part in the Hak.5 episode, where we were told about using a Wiimote to control Front Row. This, of course, gave the answer "Front Row" to the prompt about what you need a Wiimote for. When "frontrow" was entered as the response to the bum's question, the bum responded with "Thanks pal! Here's a tip for you... there is darkness in lightness..." This referred to bonnevue.tif, where, within a bush, the numbers 446 and 526 were found. The location of bonnevue.tif had been strongly suggested by Agent Vick to be at the "Lapin Agile", as he recognizes it from his previous visit. It was suggested that the two numbers found in the bush were pixel co-ordinates, referring to a rock in the wall, although this was all speculation.

In the evening, an agent uncovered the forum profile for Agent Bean, which included the cryptic message "The early bird has the worm".

February 12, 2007

On the evening of the 12th, Virus52 recovered the Paris cryptotag from where the pixel co-ordinates indicated, and proceeded to post the information on his blog (in future, operatives, please do not post classified information in public areas!). The tag read

1ST DOWN - 3"

Agent Falcon's forum profile was found, and it included an ICQ number. Agent Toker contacted the francophone agent using Babelfish to communicate with him in French. His most important message read :

"Un physicien de renom a mis au point un appareil qui bien ayant le potentiel de faire le bien de l'humanit�, en �tant entre de mauvaises mains pourrait �tre capable de causer des dommages sans pr�c�dent. Cet appareil a r�cemment �t� vol� de son laboratoire de recherche et Le Mask a �t� d�sign� pour en retrouver la trace."

This has been roughly translated to:
"A well reputed physicist invented a powerful device that had the potential to help people very much. But falling into the wrong hands it could cause unprecedented damage. It was recently stolen from the research lab. The Mask was assigned to recover it."

On the same day, Agent Bean contacted the members of Special Ops who had contacted him, with the following message, as well as taking down "The early bird has the worm" from his profile:

"My rendezvous with The Mask in Toronto did not go as planned; he appeared nervous, as though he was being tailed. Shortly thereafter, he issued a communiqu� to all the other A1 operatives to stand down, in which he indicated that he intended on enlisting the assistance of the newly-commissioned A9 Special Operations division to assist in salvaging the mission. The others and I have been instructed to relay pertinent intel to any authorized operatives that contact us."

The third and final piece of information discovered on the 12th was another set of numbers recovered from bonnevue.tif. 121, 125 and 129 were found in some sky in the picture. This information, discovered by a group of operatives, has still not been solved to this day. Now, this could have been a missed clue for Cryptotag #2. However, in attempting to solve these numbers, a Special Ops running joke was born. Agents, attempting to decode these numbers, spent a long night entering them in to various decoders and translators. Eventually, the word "IZGIZZIS" was given out, and everyone in the IRC channel exclaimed "Of course!". IZGIZZIS has now become a general term for the results of any decoding, giving out something which an agent may feel is important, but is simply nonsense.

February 15, 2007

A radio transmission from FO-29 was received, with the message:

"HQ, HQ, HQ, HQ, Gamer Army, this is mfreeman, relaying through satellite Fox-Omega-Two-Niner, data transmission to follow."

A series of high pitched beeps were the following transmission and efforts began started to decode these beeps.

February 19, 2007

Agent Volatile appears to have been intentionally misleading other GA members by posting anomalous information, purportedly using his mobile phone to play the transmission into a fax machine and claiming that it contained useful information. This has been confirmed as false by GA Ops, and Volatile has been sentenced to 30 days in the stockade where he will have no access to the GA forums.

February 21, 2007

A new clue appeared in Lefty's. The letters "SS" are now on the back of the TV - which lead to a new discovery. MMSSTV, a program used to decode weather satellite images, was used to decode the FO29 transmission, yielding a picture of a desert. This clearly linked up with mfreeman's blog post referring to a desert. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the piece of metal in the foreground bore an inscription:

HOM 1171497600

February 27, 2007

A breakthrough was made - finding that "0842" was the title for episode 2 of Windinggear, along with "HOM" referring to "Habits of Mind," the following episode, gave Special Ops agents a new direction in which to look for clues. The fact that 1171497600 was entered as a Unix Timestamp, gave midnight, GMT, February 15, which was the release date for Habits of Mind," only backed up Windinggear as our next objective. Agent Brenner already had knowledge that "Winding Gear" tended to have single frames within the episodes. Agents looked for a potential clue hidden in one of these frames. As it happens, such a breakthrough was made. Within "Habits of Mind," a screen was found with the clue "New River Road S X I-17", and the PPGA crest. This road, when entered in to Google Earth, brought up the same area shown in the transmission picture.

Using Google Earth to match the mountain seen in the background, the location was pinpointed.

March 4, 2007

Agents UprightCitizen and Ajax set out to recover the third cryptotag. After meeting up, they drove out to the given location near Phoenix, Arizona. On arrival, they saw an abandoned gas station, as well as a billboard containing all of the items listed on mfreeman's "shopping list". Combined, these solved the clue from the mfreeman blog. They scouted the area, and saw the fence seen in the original transmission picture. With the transmission picture in their hands, they matched up their location with the location of the photographer, and then compared the picture with the vista in front of them. Noticing a piece of wood out of place, they moved it, and discovered the cryptotag underneath. It read:

3UP - &

Directly above the tag, on the fence, a freshly carved heart, with "J + A" within it was found. This could refer to Jeremy and Anastasia, although no conclusion was drawn. Agent Herring's profile was found, without a Gamer Army ID, but situated in Arizona. The two agents also released a video documenting the mission.

March 11, 2007

A blog update once again spurred agents in to action. Within minutes of the update, at 00:55 GMT +1 on March 11th, the new message had been found, and some information gleaned from it. It read:

"Hi mom, I hope you're reading this as I have lots to tell you about my vacation, I'll call you at exactly 3 PM on Saturday as usual, make sure you pick up this time! I'm staying at a cheap motel and theres not too much to do, can't even listen to music in the bar."

The "music in the bar" pointed us towards Lefty's, where sure enough, the jukebox no longer played "teh noob song," but instead, played white noise. However, a faint sound could be heard underneath the white noise, and attempts were made to remove it in order to hear the message underneath. All attempts at this time were unsuccessful.

March 13

Agent Knightwhisper received a package from Special Ops on the morning of the 13th. Inside was a CD and another patch, much like the one received by Melonqueen much earlier in the mission. The CD contained another file of white noise. More efforts were launched to decode both of these files, possibly in combination. The other potential lead from the letter was the address Knightwhisper's letter came from. The name, attributed to the address, was "Violet Larut", which, it was discovered, is an anagram for ultraviolet. Efforts were made to obtain a UV light with which to test this theory.

March 15, 2007

Agent Knightwhisper expected to obtain an ultraviolet light on this day, but surprisingly, that didn't end up being the focus. Agent TimeCruiserMike recieved a postcard. This read:

Hi Mike

If it's not desert hillbillies it's urban street punks. This place reminds me of Liberty City. It comes alive at night when all the lights turn on, but the streets are so crowded I feel like nobody even sees me. I hope my next destination is friendlier.

Waving good-bye

M. Freeman

The Liberty City reference hinted towards New York City, but another clue was also found. This postcard, when examined underneath an ultraviolet light, revealed a map. This looked to be a New York subway map, and attempts were made to pinpoint the map's reference point. The most notable feature of the map seemed to be a phone, which, when combined with the travelblog clue, seemed to indicate that an agent must travel to that phone at 3PM, Saturday.

March 16, 2007

At this point, Agent Raven Xavier received a package, similar to Knightwhisper's. It contained a patch, another CD, which another white noise file. These three white noise files, the jukebox, Knightwhisper's and Agent Xavier's, seem to be the key to decoding the next clue.

March 17, 2007

A breakthrough on the audio files was made by Agent Rancor. The two files, both Xavier's and Knightwhisper's, were exactly the same. When comparing the CD white noise to the jukebox.wav, a pattern was seen. The peaks of the jukebox's white noise were the troughs of the CDs. Mixing the two caused the white noise on the two to cancel out disappear completely. This is a technique utilized by noise canceling earphones, as it happens. The message produced when the files were mixed was:

"This is a Bronx-bound 2 Express train; the next stop is: 14th Street"

There was also a telephone heard ringing in the background. Using knowledge of the New York subway, a pinpointed location was given - Chambers Street (1-2-3). All that remained was for an agent to get to the phone at Chambers Street by 3PM EST. However, due to unreasonable weather conditions, heavy snow, the mission was postponed. However, UprightCitizen, one of the agents responsible for the third tag's recovery, went out from his holiday in New York City to recon the area.

He found the correct station, with an office corresponding to the map. After a short search around the area, a phone was found, supposedly correctly in place relative to the rest of the objects shown. With this reconnaissance completed, the stage was set for the mission to take place, presumably next Saturday, at 3PM.

March 20, 2007

After some deliberation, the authenticity of the phone was doubted, and another recon mission was organized. A video was created, in an attempt to verify which phone the call would be made to. A new phone, believed to be the correct phone, in relation to the rest of the station, was found, and a mission was planned for Saturday 24th of March, at this location.

March 24, 2007

Agents Jango and Brenner went out to Chambers Street 1 2 3 subway station, at 3PM, ready to receive the call. There followed a conversation concerning the 'device' (as mentioned by Agent Falcon), of unknown ownership. The rough transcript, by Agent Brenner, is as follows :

Cartland: Well, it can do a lot of good in the world. It could be used for defense, welding, or rangefinding. (There was one more thing he listed... I forgot. He then went on to describe the construction of the device. A long tube through which high-frequency light or sound is passed. [Not light AND sound. He said one or the other... I don't remember which.]

Instructions were then given where to find the tag, which was above the telephone. The tag read:


The change in format of the last line was of interest to agents. The profile of Cartland was found, which had Bean and Falcon as friends, but omitted Agent Herring, reinforcing the idea that he was a 'red herring' of a clue.

April 14, 2007

Another blog update was posted on the date of the first Episode 13 premier. A message for mfreeman's dad was left, concerning a broken PC/OS, with an email informing agents of the update sent four times. References to Linux operating systems and/or popcorn were made, as clues, throughout the post.

April 17, 2007

1) Rebound bought Popcorn, turned out to be IZGIZZIS
2) DranCoin gave disk to No. 12, turned out to be decoy
3) DranCoin gave disk to "Classified Colonel", who was in uniform through all premieres and no one noticed, and got the cryptotag

At the New York screening of Episode 13, Agent Rebound bought a small popcorn, with salt, which was one theory extracted from the blog post, although this didn't actually result in furthering the mission. However, Agent DranCoin approached "Number 12", a Gamer Army officer, in uniform, with a prepared disk containing a type of Linux with a particularly small kernel, as requested by mfreeman. This was refused, but later, he found the "Classified Colonel", another officer in full uniform, who hadn't been seen beforehand. He handed her the disk, and he was given, in return, the cryptotag, which read :

5 PACES - 129

A video, relating these events, has been made.

May 11, 2007

A new officer arrived on the scene - Colonel Alvar "Pappy" Hartman. He gave Spec Ops soldiers some advice on the mission - to practice their skills in RPG/Adventure crime solving games, as well as to focus their efforts more on finding information for themselves, as opposed to being fed it directly from mfreeman/The Mask/GA Ops. We can hope that his arrival will spur the Gamer Army Special Ops on, to gather some more momentum and finish this mission.

June 30, 2007

After a long period of silence, a report from Gamer Army Ops has revealed new info and new leads for the mission to recover the Mask. Hopefully the mission will finally get back on track.

August 19, 2007

A new video dossier released by General Douglas has come in to Spec Ops, getting all available soldiers available for action. It focuses on recruitment, and training of micro skills, in preparation for the coming conflict.

August 20, 2007

A new piece of intel was intercepted by GA Ops and posted in the Archives. This intercepted phone call seems to be in Polish and Russian. A rough translation of the phone call was made and was discovered by Mad_Martha Phone call is located here

September 11, 2007

Agent FateIT discovered a video on Youtube showing The Mask wrestling with a guard, as described by the intercepted phone call. Operatives quickly set to work, deciphering the content of the video. It shows The Mask entering a series of numbers, as well as flashing from the transmitter in the remote. Another item of note is the closure of Lefty's. It has been renamed "IZGIZZIS", and seems to hold no clues, although further investigation is going on. Video can be found here

September 12, 2007

The 16 digit code that the Mask entered in to the remote was deciphered as 8435364772364029. As this is the correct length for a Wii friend code, agents sent preliminary emails to this Wii in an attempt to get in contact with The Mask. At this time, "Friend41" replied to the Youtube video, stating:

I may need a friend.
Just give me a sign.
Reply with your Wii code.
You should have mine.

September 14, 2007

Messages were sent to all Wii owning agents who gave their Wii friend codes, from Friend41. All had one sentence in common "We could be friends, stay tuned..." and each was accompanied by a proverb referring to friendship in some way.

October 3, 2007

A new message from AgentX was received. The numbers seen were found to refer to a letter of the alphabet, 1 to A, 2 to B etc.The message, translated, read :

One Down
Quality Op
Thor The

October 4, 2007

Amongst much speculation about the clues, AgentX sent out more information. A picture of a crossword, as well as a series of numbers was received by many operatives. The numbers, as in the previous clue, indicated letters of the alphabet, and once filled in, the completed crossword had a theme of fighting style moves, found to all be on a Street Fighter II control pad.

November 20, 2007

Agent KragNarok recived two Wii messages from AgentX. In his Wii message he stated:

"It has been a while but if DAN were to talk to MII, I'm sure I would remeber. Do you have his friend number? That way we can chat directly. Gotta run! Back in a few days...going Christmas shopping."

"You know my friend...but I still long to SEE him. Please send me his friend number so that we can play. I have a christmas present for him."

KragNarok gave Agent X Dan's (Dr.Toker's) Wii number.

January 7, 2008

Since KragNarok gave AgentX Dr.Toker's Wii number, things were pretty quiet for a while until today when he received a satellite image of an unknown town with a Wii message that read:

"Dan my brother in arms merry (Ukrainian) Christmas. I hope you liked your gift. (attched) I' ll have to get my pix developed from my latest rotation over seas. I think you will find them of interest."

It was later revealed by agent Rancor that the town was in fact Warsaw, Poland.

January 9, 2008

TheAvatar/ChaosJester received some of the promised vacation pics. They were places in Dun Morogh such as a picture of a road with the caption, "sky view from Wilanow Palace," and another one that said a "nice shot of the palace" with the view of a random stone building. On that same day, agent Dr. Dozzy discovered that the Dun Morogh map when tilted, fits perfectly over the Warsaw, Poland Map. The locations that were in the wii messages were quickly added to the Dun Morogh map.

January 10, 2008

AgentX messaged agent ChaosJester with more "photos" of Fryderk Chopin's weapons gallery, Fryderk Chopin's museum, Museum Narodowe, and Stolica Cinema. He also sent a message that read , "I really enjoyed the FARas Gallery." agent Zombicus discovered the server that was implied by the capitalized "FAR" which was for Farstriders, an RP realm on the U.S. side.

January 14, 2008

ChaosJester received yet another Wii message requesting contact with A9 operatives. It read:

"...if you are in the neighborhood, you should visit a PAL of mine. Every Wednesday around 2 he grabs a drink around the "university". Buy him a malt from me, and don't pass JUDGEMENT just because of the way he dresses, or that he nearly 70 :)"

January 16, 2008

After agent Aeros suggested that the University was the Thunderbrew Distillery, and that we would be making contact with a paladin, agent Mfk made contact with the paladin named Baydon, bought him a drink, and struck up a conversation. During the conversation Baydon said that we were looking for something buried and said, "There is a girl a human like me.....she'll be at the forging museum at 7PM" Baydon also told Mfk to bring as many of my friends as he could. Watch the full recon mission here

January 17, 2008

Since Baydon requested that Mfk bring more friends, thats exactly what the A9 division did. Mfk, Amethyst , S1N, Dr. Toker, FateIt, Trust, Doomwalker, 3dozerbuild, 4N1M3H34D, Zombicus ,Virus52, Chibi, Mr. Clean, BietDongQuan were all the known participants there. She gave us a riddle that said:

A man? A man goes into the woods. He is looking for nothing. But in his hand? He finds something. Then he starts to look for it. But alas! He cannot find it. He goes home with it. and when he finds it? He throws it away.

FateIT stated it was a splinter and that was the correct answer. Our reward for being correct was another clue in the form of a riddle although this one wasn't so easy.

Where Exiles yearn to FLY away For golden globes will show the way. The number of the lights is four, Nothing less, and nothing more. But if the Seekers seek a clue? The lights will guid them that way too. For underneath the last light lies, A buried tag, a hidden prize.
Bottom of first post is the .rar file for the second recon mission in WoW

January 17, 2008 - February 16, 2008

After looking over the riddle provided by the rogue named Ellyee, it was apparent that the A9 division was close to recovering a sixth cryptotag. Privates MFK and Chibi suggested that Ellyee was referencing an airport in Dun Morogh close to Ironforge in her riddle. Private Zombicus used the location of the fourth "globe" on the runway, provided by Chibi, to pinpoint a corresponding location in Warsaw by placing the Dun Morogh map on top of the map of Warsaw, just as Dr. Dozzy did previous to the WoW meetings.

The location found using the WoW clues was a road named ul. pulawska. However, it wasn't until a few hours later that the location was more clear when ChaosJester recieved another Wii message from AgentX. The message contained an image of the WoW meeting and two images of a piece of graffiti on a large wall. The location of the graffiti was later suggested to be on the same street found through the WoW clues (ul. pulawska) at the Sluzewiec Horse Racing Stadium pointed out by agent Dr. Dozzy and agent Zombicus.

On January 22nd, General Douglas and Gamer Army Ops gave the go ahead for any A9 members in Poland to perform intel on the area of interest. On February 16th, agents Virus52 and C'tri performed a reconnaissance mission with agent Tweety on the area of interest. The cryptotag they found read as follows:

Gamer Army
Special Ops
Agent Calhoun
Warsaw, PL

Polish Recovery Mission Video is right here

July 16, 2008

Agent Reaper234 received a postcard in the mail from a Francis Bacon. It read:


Many attempts were thrown at it, but they were all dismissed because little did we know, there were more cards on the way.

July 17, 2008

Agent SmyeGuy received a post ard in the mail also from the Francis Bacon that read:


July 18, 2008

Agent Cobalt discovered a Baconian Cypher that took letters into fifths and each upper case letter was an A and each lower case letter was a B. Different combinations of A's and B's symbolize letters. After decoding, Reaper234's card was revealed to say "Raging" and Smyguy's card said "Bean." On the same day, agent S1N received yet another postcard that said:


This was also decoded to Bean. Agent Mr. Clean Googled Raging Bean and discovered that it was a cafe that was in the heart of Yaletown, Vancouver.

July 20, 2008

Mr. Clean messaged General Douglas asking for permission to go ahead with a reconnaissance at the Raging Bean Cafe and he responded saying the we should wait 48 hours just in case we received more intel from Francis Bacon.

July 21, 2008

Agent Fhouse received a postcard in the mail from Francis Bacon that said:


which translates to Raging so by this point we have 4 postcards, 2 that say raging and 2 that say bean.

July 22, 2008

Agent Admiral Perpetual and GA Sev went on a recon to the Raging Bean at 0900 hrs Tuesday morning. What we have to do is discover the drink that costs 40 YEN and it is not on the menu. An MP3 File of the Phone Call is located here and recon video is located here.

July 24, 2008

General Douglas suggests we go to the Raging Bean again and ask for Victory Tea on Saturday, July 26, 2008.

July 26, 2008

A9 Agents Pantsman, Admiral Perpetual, and FateIT went to Vancouver today to see if The Raging Bean did infact sell Victory Tea. Unfortanatly, they didn't. They also tried Babo Tea and Black-Eyed Susan. Pantsman purchased their African Nectar blend, but the Raging Bean staff wouldn't accept yen as payment.Second Recon call is here. Undercover audio is here. Movie is found here

October 22, 2008

In the interactive Full Micro Jacket, when highlighted on Private Soprano,

Like many soldiers on exchange from South Africa, Soprano enjoys sipping MocaPappy specialty drinks while here in Canada.

Please reply with/PM me any important part of the mission I've omitted, or a mistake in the report, I'll keep this updated as necessary.

November 08, 2008
Agents Admiral Perpetual, Pantsman, and suranwrap went to the raging bean to try out the MocaPappy clue. Fortunately, it worked and the tag states:

Gamer Army
Special Ops
Agent Viper
Vancouver, BC
Second 4.71-7

Recon Video found here

December 11, 2008
General Douglas informed the A9 division that The Mask is still active and picked up something from him on public audio waves.
Agent Suranwrap uncovered some A1 sensitive data from the file that wasn�t intended for A9 to see. The data suggested that we find some sort of IP address from the file. General Douglas informed us that the information was A1 classified soon after it was posted.

December 30-31, 2008
Throughout the month, A9 had made many attempts to further analyze the audio file, but made little progress. After knocking down a few doors at HQ, General Douglas managed to find Doctor Vasya Pupkin, a mathematician from the A7 division, to assist A9 operatives. After posting about some of the ideas agents had Doctor Vasya Pupkin added graphs of the intercepted audio file after running them through 'Betty'.

January 10, 2009
With A9 still making many attempts to extract something from the file, Doctor Vasya Pupkin offered some advice. "OK, so A1 analyst think there is IP. They are smart; I look with new eyes for IP." Dr. Pupkin also suggested that we pay more attention to tone1 (the second tone in the audio file). "I see each frequency have different amplitude; 4 amplitudes. I look at signal1 again, I see about 4 seconds long. 4, 4, 4.... everywhere I look I see 4. Maybe this help, maybe no."

Agent spoonlyorange found a valid ip address by ordering the frequencies (14, 15, 67, and 201) by their amplitudes. The IP address that he found was, and suggested that it�s a server in Garry�s Mod after a google search.

Soon afterwards, using the IP address, Agent DYE_Slayer found a Counterstrike Source server through google named rofgnikooluoyeraohw, running a map named ga_maze. He assumed that it was izgizzis, but Agent Gamerchick87 quickly realized that the server name was �Whoareyoulookingfor� backwards, making the password �themask� backwards.

The server�s message of the day read:
When you have the code let me know and the world will change.

Agents assumed that the �world will change� meant that the map would change for us to gather further intelligence. Agents Gamerchick87, Zombicus and Drancoin spent the entire night searching the map and the server�s downloadable files for clues.

January 11, 2009
It was soon realized that the objective of the maze wasn�t to get to the center or plant the bomb, but to find all of the clues by running into grass-textured walls, which triggered three sound bites (e.g. x, is, x). After several hours of running around the map, A9 operatives posted the following clues:
1 is B as in barbie horse adventures mystery ride.
2 is B as in barbie horse adventures mystery ride.
4 is 4
5 is 4
6 is 9
7 is 5

Additionally, Agents technoblue and Suranwrap found additional clues bunched up in a specific area of the maze:
intro.wav : "I am in the city of:"
b.wav: "B as in barbie horse adventures, mystery ride"
o.wav: "O as in oregon trail"
s.wav: "S as in seven kingdoms"
t.wav: "T as in Total Annihilation"
o.wav: "O as in oregon trail"
n.wav: "N as in Need for Speed, Porsche unleashed"

At this point, A9 operatives realized that whatever they�re looking for is in Boston, and that the code we needed to send to aiai@gamerarmy.com was probably BB4495.

January 12, 2009
Agent PFC Benji sent an e-mail to aiai@gamerarmy.com with the code BB4495 and location of Boston. Less than an hour later, PFC Benji received a reply: sruoh 84 tiaw (wait 48 hours, backwards).

January 14-16, 2009
As predicted, the map changed as soon as the server came up. The server name had also changed to rofnikooluoyeratahw (whatareyoulookingfor, backwards). Operatives spent a whole day trying to figure out the new password, but couldn�t find out what was wrong with the passwords that they already attempted.
The next day, agents Teh_RiZ, Drancoin and Zombicus uncovered the password by trying many of the previously attempted passwords with �a� infront of them. The password was in fact gatotpyrca (acryptotag backwards, which had previously been attempted by IW4 without the a).
The server had a new message:
BB_4495, Good.
Now listen! Who am I thinking of? Find the Keeper, and you will find what you are looking for..

The new map, ga_compound, contained many boxes, each textured with satellite images. One of the images contained a giant Easter Egg located in Alberta, Canada. The textures for each box were given names and were contained in a folder named �horn_of_quintas�. Agent technoblue suggested that this was referring to the game Thief.

Agents Suranwrap and Gamerchick87 managed to piece the textures together in order to form a complete map, revealing streets in Boston.

There were some ideas for where the tag could be found on the map. One idea was that the 'Keeper' referred to the keeper of an Easter egg from one of the texture images. This would mean the location was where the Easter egg was located on the map. Another idea was that the texture image from the file �Garrett.vtm� would pinpoint the tag�s location since Garrett was the protagonist in Thief, and also one of the game's Keepers.

During this time, Agent Irish Pyrate had already been performing a reconnaissance effort on the locations in question with Agent Dweek. They eventually came across lampposts with serial numbers that read BB44495. It was dark and the lampposts were covered in snow and ice, making their search rather difficult. The two agents decided to return the next day to continue their search.

January 17, 2009
Agent Drancoin sent an e-mail to aiai@gamerarmy.com, answering the first riddle from ga_maze, and asking if the identification was indeed a lamp. Our contact replied, confirming that Drancoin was correct and to await further instructions regarding recovery. IrishPyrate, however, was already planning the second reconnaissance for the cryptotag.

"I figure it's either tonight or after the snow starts to melt because with the inches that we're projected to get...yeah...it's going to be BURIED."

That night, IrishPyrate found the tag underneath a little dome surrounding the posts. The tag reads:

N X 30.87 - A

January 18, 2008
General Douglas congratulates the A9 division on their recovery and informs us that Doctor Vasya Pupkin will eventually be assisting us on building up theories for what information is coded at the bottom of the cryptotags.